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Victims’ Rights Brief – 2018 Legislative Update

The Victims’ Rights Brief (VRB) – 2018 Legislative Update provides an overview of the statutory changes during the 2018 legislative session related to victims’ rights and victim services.  Legislative and rule changes will require some criminal justices agencies to revise victim notification letters and agency policies and procedures (see below). Please provide a copy of the VRB to those responsible for providing and supervising victim services, including the Adult Probation Department in your county.

Victims’ Rights Brief – 2018 Legislative Update

Prosecuting agencies

  1. Update victim notification letters related to A.R.S. § 13-4410, Notice of conviction, acquittal or dismissal; impact statement, to include (8)(b).
  2. Develop policies and procedures and a victim notification letter related to  A.R.S. § 13-907 for victims who have requested post-conviction notice.
  3. Develop policies and procedures for notice to victims related to Rule 7.2(b)(4).

Adult Probation Departments

  1. Develop policies and procedures related to A.R.S. § 13-804, restitution for offense causing economic loss; fine for reimbursement of public monies, to include the notification requirements to the State and to the victim who has requested post-conviction notice.  Best practice would include informing the victim that he/she may file a written objection, and the timelines associated with filing the objection, in the event that the probation department recommends that no further action is warranted when a probationer becomes in arrears in an amount totaling four full court ordered monthly payments of victim restitution.  Additionally, victims must be notified of a review hearing.