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Relocation Project (for Victim Advocate Use only)

The Relocation Project of the Arizona Coalition for Victim Services provides financial assistance to victims of crime to relocate to a place of safety when there is a likelihood of continued victimization and other resources are unavailable or inadequate.

Referrals to the Relocation Project must be from a social service or criminal justice agency; we do not accept requests directly from crime victims.  The Relocation Project is only a part of safety planning and having the crime victim work with an advocate, social service, or criminal justice professional is critical.

Limited financial resources require the Relocation Committee members to restrict benefit amounts.  The Committee therefore will depend to a large degree on the screening accomplished by referral / sponsoring agencies to best utilize the limited funds.  Funds from the Relocation Project are not for relocation expense reimbursements.  A report to a law enforcement agency reference the criminal incident/s is not required.  The following guidelines are set forth:

  1. It must be established that the individual / family for which a request for assistance is being made is/are victims of a crime and the potential / likelihood for victimization continues.
  2. It must be established that the individual / family has a plan for relocation that includes a safe and supportive destination.
  3. It must be established that the financial need cannot be met by other assets, agencies or family.

For additional information or to receive an application for the Relocation Project, please contact one of the following members of the Arizona Coalition for Victim Services Relocation Project Committee.

When a decision is made by the referring / sponsoring agency personnel to contact the Relocation Committee, promises or assurances to the client should not be made.  Consideration and processing of the application may take 1-7 days.

Tracey Wilkinson – Chairperson 480-312-6306
Doreen Nicholas 602-791-3452
Colleen Phelan 520-740-5232
Kirstin Flores 602-364-3329

For information on cell phone collection and donations to support the Relocation Project, please contact Tracey Wilkinson.